Just a thing…

Biological therapies (antipsychotic medication and ECT) for mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, for example really rile me. They don’t make me angry but i can’t think of a better work right now

I do understand that in some cases drugs must be given to calm the patient firstly, but then the patients become totally dependant on the drugs and then have the kind of mentality ‘there is something definitely wrong with me’ and then even when sent for normal therapy with psychologists they are just kinda like nope.

And also the use of drugs as like the first step into sorting out a mental disorder, it just really irritates me! It’s just like here have some drugs! And it’s like no! You are just helping them to sort of relieve them of their symptoms for a little while until they have to take their next dosage! You are not getting to the root of the problem like where does it all stem from? Help them to understand their disorder! I feel that behavioural therapy (not so much psychodynamic) is really good! And also just talking too, talking at first can be difficult because of course the patient has to learn to trust the psychologist and everything but afterwards, you can really help them and help them to understand and help you to understand to so you can like give a therapy which is probably most suited to the patient and from which they will respond the most positively and effectively from! I know that behavioural or cognitive therapy isn’t for everyone.
Like do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that biological therapies should not be used at all, I’m saying like let’s try and sort the causes of the disorder first!
Also I do understand that some studies have shown really positive results such as treating people with severe severe depression using ECT and like only a tiny amount of patients had relapsed.
Still I would have preferred if they gave the patients some normal therapy first.





What this blog will be about….

I’m using this blog to help me with my degree, i will be using it as an educational tool as well as something for general interest in psychology!

I will be mainly posting things that interest me in psychology or have a rant about something….

So yeah 🙂